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Spirit Combat
Spirit Combat
What is Spirit Combat?

Spirit Combat is a modern martial art based on the ancient self defence system ju-jitsu. Ju-jitsu was the system of fighting skills developed by the Samurai warriors when they found themselves without their weapons or in a situation where their weapons could not be used, such as a crowded battlefield. As the opponent was armoured, and armed, Ju-jitsu focused on the weak points of the body - chiefly the joints - and developed techniques that manipulated them to disarm and immobilise an opponent. Hence the term Ju-jitsu means the
“gentle, or supple, way.”
When Soke Brian Dossett developed Spirit Combat in 1960 he kept the framework of Ju-jitsu but included aspects of other martial arts from both east and west including aikido, judo, kickboxing, western boxing and wrestling. This synthesis has led to a modern, dynamic martial art that fuses power with harmony and trains both the mind and body.

“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it”
As quoted in Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit (1994)

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Aikido, Ju-jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Kickboxing and weapons all rolled into one.
Mixed Martial Arts why have one style when you can have six
All of our Spirit Combat instructors have full indemnity insurance, have enhanced disclosure through Disclosure Scotland and have certificates in emergency first aid.

Spirit Combat International have robust and comprehensive policies and procedures for child protection, vulnerable adult protection, risk assessment, diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities - included within these is a recording and reporting framework to ensure that issues are managed appropriately.

Spirit Combat International has also published a code of ethics and a code of conduct that all clubs and instructors must adhere to.